Passion. Movement. Heart. Soul.
Katherine’s passion for dance began when she started walking and she hasn’t stopped moving ever since! She has always had a passion for performance art and creativity. Just give her a beat or any kind of sound and she will put moves to it. At the age of 5, Katherine would choreograph routines and showcase them for family and friends – truly, a performer at heart. Her dance background includes Jazz, African, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Hip-hop, and Soul/Funk – with influences from her “dance teachers” Debbie Allen, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown and just about every Soul Train Dancer that came across the television screen. Katherine’s passion for dance is embedded in her soul and she is truly blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to share her vision, art and talent with the world.
Katherine’s style of dance is a balance of an in-the-studio/out-the-studio structure; focusing on the technique and discipline that you get from dance studio instruction, and the heart, passion, soul and discipline that you experience out-of-the-studio (i.e. dancing in your living room, with your friends, while waiting on the bus, etc.).  J She continues to be a student of dance – and really loves to learn from each and every one of her eager students.

Katherine teaches classes at the YWCA Berkeley/Oakland (please check website for schedule) and at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for Performing Arts via Dance-A-Vision Entertainment (every Thursday 7:30 pm – 9 pm). She is also available for demonstrations and workshops.

For more information, please contact her. Katherine looks forward to dancing with you really soon and encourages you to always keep dancing!





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